Medical Social Work

imageMedical Social Services will help patients and their families in many ways. Our licensed Medical Social Workers will assist families and patients coping with the stress that comes with dealing the patient’s health condition. Our staff can provide resources for community health services. Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Rehabilitative and supportive casework with the purpose of restoring patients to their optimum level of social health adjustment. This includes assisting patients and their families to understand, accept and adhere to medical regimens
  • Assists patients and their families with personal and environmental difficulties which predispose them to illness and interfere with their obtaining the maximum benefit from medical care.
  • Assists patients and families to utilize existing resources in the home environment or refer patients and family to community agencies and act as an intermediary for the patients as necessary
  • Assess, when appropriate, a family’s financial situation, taking into consideration patient’s prognosis and medical needs and facilitating the referral process to any agency for financial assistance